Red Gingham Gourmet

A special  THANK YOU to Shoals Entrepreneurial Center (SEC), Florence, AL and its Executive Director, Mr. Giles McDaniel and the SEC staff.

As Founder and majority stockholder of Red Gingham Gourmet, LLC, I owe my success, in large part, to the local business incubator program known as Shoals Entrepreneurial Center, which offers an incubator culinary kitchen to qualified individuals..

Our area, known as the “Shoals Area” is comprised of four cities in two counties in NW Alabama.  The Shoals Entrepreneurial Center has served this area for many years, by providing incubator settings for individuals with a business idea and a dream of success.

Many local companies are graduates of SEC programs and as successful businesses, employ in excess of 2000 workers.  I am so fortunate that Giles McDaniel and the SEC staff allowed my company, Red Gingham Gourmet, LLC to begin business in the SEC Commercial Culinary Center kitchen.  Their expertise, support and encouragement has been so important to me.  My success is not by accident; it is due in part to my hard work and determination but also due to the mentoring offered through SEC.

My goal of course, like the SEC incubator businesses before me, is the grow to the point that I graduate to my own facility.  When that time comes, I will take with me the business skills that I have learned from my association with the SEC and I will be forever grateful of their assistance.

The Shoals Area of NW Alabama is so fortunate to have a facility like the Shoals Entrepreneurial Center and a dedicated staff like Giles, Suanne and Sandra.  I thank them for their continue guidance and support.